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Hello it’s David Deschaine and I have built this blog to help Maine home owners through some of questions about having a free roofing estimate. I first of all like to thank you for visiting the website and offer my services to you as a professional roofing contractor. Some of the things that other people of asked me over the years are how long will the project take, how long does the warrantee cover, and most importantly how much is a cost.

Do You Need A Free Roofing Estimate?

I hope to help you through some of the painstaking homework they can be involved when you’re having a roof installed, and answer any questions you might have before meeting with any contractors. Typically a roof should take 1 to 3 days to complete depend upon the size of your home, and most roofers that are familiar with the industry will use ground tarps, and drape tarps to protect your shrubs plants most importantly your siding and Windows – Click On The Banner Below To Schedule Your Appointment

David-Deschaine-Maine-Roof-EstimateHaving A Roof Replaced From David Deschaine

Roof Replaced From David DeschaineWe recommend getting that debris off the ground as quick as possible especially if there’s a top on the green grass, and during the summer months this may kill the grass if left one or two days. We use a dump trailer or 1 ton dump truck to remove this debris off the grounds immediately. Then we use a magnet on wheels to sweep the grounds of pick up any loose nails that cannot be seen in the grass, and then we rake everything up into a complete detailed planning to remove all that debris.

Roofing EstimateAnd we recommend tearing off the old shingles, to get and all that flashing required to keep the sidewalls or chimneys from have any water penetration. During the appointment will go over the best type of shingle underlayments like ice and water shield, tarpaper, or a synthetic product. Either way is long you have something underneath the shingles the separate supply would and the shingles. But truthfully we strip roofs every day and we find more often than not there is no type of underlayment under the shingle at all. And it’s been like that for years so the shingles do most of the work, metal and to help in case of backups but truthfully I feel that #15 tar-paper is all you really need under the shingles.

How Long Does The Roof Installation Take?

Our basic installation product includes 3 feet of underlayment along these, and under any flashing sidewalls, chimneys or any area that requires a flashing system. Plus we replace any stink-pipe boots or soil vents through the roof, and skylights that require flashings and solar tubes. Then we add 8 inch galvanized white drip edge along all of these and up the gable ends and all roof lines, and then we install your choice of CertainTeed landmark roofing shingles. We also install shadow Ridge caps along with a ridge ventilation system that can make your home cooler the summer from allow that excess heat to escape from the attic, and during the winter this helps against ice dams.

Estimate From David Deschaine
We will install a professional roof on your home and we strongly recommend you call us and will come over and visit the property, measured your home and give you a detailed written estimate that includes all of the products used during the roofing installation procedure. If you live in Maine and would like a free roofing estimate call us today at 774-9200 or visit schedule your appointment here on the website by clicking here for your Maine roofing estimate.

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